Our Fleet, Your Bus

Although Routemaster buses look alike they are all different in many ways. Every bus is unique in its history and presentation. Although the vast majority of Routemaster’s were originally hand built to the same standards for London Transport, during LT ownership and subsequent owners these buses have undergone different upgrades or conversions and have varying maintenance standards since being decommissioned from London service.

At the Expeditional our vintage Routemaster’s must pass the same stringent mechanical tests as modern vehicles. We present our fleet to two configurations, Preserved and Restored. Preserved buses have been largely maintained to a similar presentation to when they were withdrawn from London service, this features a blue moquette seat upholstery with tube lighting. Restored buses have been reverted back to the original 1960’s specification. This specifically includes period tartan upholstery, tungsten bulb lighting in the saloon, wall coverings and flooring which give a true reflection of the buses at the peak of their lives.

ROUTEMASTER, 64 seat. first class: ELIZABETH

Starting life in 1964 as a traditional red Routemaster she was chosen as 1 of 25 Routemaster's selected to receive the Queen's Silver Jubilee livery which it carried between February and November of that year, during this time it carried fleet number SRM7. Before being acquired by Expeditional this bus was with its previous keeper for 20 years, maintained with love, care and attention and no expense spared. With its stunning restored period interior, we are proud to have this outstanding bus as part of our fleet from 2017 onwards.

  • Condition: Restored
  • Fleet code: RM1871
  • Seats: 64 (36 top, 28 lower deck), no standees.
  • Crew: 2, Driver & Conductor
  • Withdrawn from London Transport: Circa 1980's
  • Features: PA system (microphone and music inputs).


Alice is a 1967 Routemaster of the longer variety. She was in London service until 2005 before being de-comissioned and into storage as part of a private collection. Re-commisioned by Expeditional in 2010 as our first bus, she has a special place in our hearts.

  • Condition: Preserved
  • Fleet code: RML2649
  • Seats: 72 (40 top, 32 lower deck), no standees.
  • Crew: 2, Driver & Conductor
  • Withdrawn from London Transport: 2005
  • Features: PA system (mic, music inputs).

Routemaster, Open Top, 72 seat: Nicole

RML2697 was converted to an open top bus in 2012 and was almost immediately involved in providing worldwide media coverage of the London Olympics. Before this she performed regular sightseeing tours in Scotland. Now in the care of the Expeditional, she is something of a minor celebrity having transported Jamie Oliver, Nicole Scherzinger, appeared on the BBC twice among other major broadcasters.

  • Fleet code: RML2697
  • Seats: 72 (40 top, 32 lower deck), no standees.
  • Crew: 2, Driver & Conductor
  • Uses: Transport, Sightseeing Tours, Race Days, Proms & Promotional events.
  • Features: PA system (mic, music inputs), on board 230v mains option.


  • Condition: Preserved
  • Fleet code: RM
  • Seats: 72 (40 top, 32 lower deck), no standees.
  • Crew: 2, Driver & Conductor
  • Uses: Transport, Sightseeing Tours.
  • Features: PA system (mic, music inputs).