Promotional Buses

The definition of a Promotional bus is to be an extremely versatile platform for promotional activities with an array of branding options available and interiors to suit most occasions. It also has to be high impact and memorable.

The vintage Routemaster is a head turning even before its branded. Our open top Routemaster is perfect as the top deck becomes an area for hospitality or performance whilst the lower deck functions as a staging or prep area for staff and supplies. Our closed top Hospitality bus provides comfort on the upper deck whilst the lower deck provides a counter, refrigeration and AV facilities.

Previous clients include:

Sky Sports : Warner Music : Virgin Sport : Sennheiser : Dell UK : Harrods/ Fendi : AIG : ParamounT : Channel 4 Music : ITV : Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and more.

Closed Top

  • Closed Top Bus, Promotions and Exhibitions

  • Seating Capacity: 28

  • Serving Counter with Refrigeration

  • Mains power (Internal or External hook up)

  • Large Screen display and PC monitor

  • Internal Music System

  • Available for Vinyl Wrap

Open Top

  • Open Top Bus, Promotions, Events & Parades

  • Seating Capacity: 72

  • Mains power (Internal or External hook up)

  • Powerful Sound Array option

  • Available for Vinyl Wrap