A fantastical experience or journey, undertaken by an individual or a group of people with a special purpose. Often undertaken by means of vintage transport. That of, entertainment, discovery or adventure.

Why Choose Us

  1. We are an experienced service provider and operator. This means we control all aspects of the service delivery from start to finish.

  2. We specialise in Routemaster buses and nothing else. For many other operators, Routemaster bus charter isn’t their primary business. For Expeditional our only focus is our customers and Routemaster operation.

  3. Simple, professional and beautiful. Your hire is organised by a single person. No call centres. You have a single point of contact with our specialist co-ordinator who will deal with all aspects of your personalised charter. Lastly all our buses are restored and presented to the highest standards.

Our Passion

The Expeditional's aim is to create memorable experiences surrounding the use of our beautiful vintage buses. We are looking to create more than just a journey, re-discover the Romance of Travel.

Founded in 2010 at the peak of the recession with one Routemaster Bus, Expeditional thrived by offering excellent customer service and reliability. Today we have five Routemaster buses and offer a diverse range of services from transport to promotional events and experience days.

At Expeditional we believe in quality not quantity. We operate a small collection of vintage London buses, each maintained to a high standard. Our services aim to provide our clients with an authentic london bus experience tailored to your individual needs. You will most likely deal with one specialist during the organisation of your private charter and meet our friendly crew on the day of your event.

We are an independent, local business based in the London area. We believe in providing the best customer service and experience on the day of your event. The buses you see on our website reflect what you will receive on the day. We pro-actively maintain our fleet of buses to the highest mechanical standards, spared no expense, to ensure reliability and our staff are all trained and experienced crewsT