Frequent Questions


Q. Food and Drink: Can we bring food and drink on-board?

A. We don’t permit food onto our buses to preserve their condition. There is a service charge of £30 should you wish to bring sparking white wine onto the bus. Please note, this must be served in plastic glasses.


Q. Bus Capacity: How many can one bus seat & can you provide more than one bus?

A. Routemasters are available with 64 or 72 seats. Also we can supply additional buses if required.


Q. Buggies and Storage:  Is there space for buggies or wheelchairs?

A. There is limited space on the bus for buggies or storage. All buggies must be folded. If there is more than one buggy on-baord the others will need to occupy the space of a seat as they cannot be kept in the isles or block the exits for safety reasons. We also recommend babies travel in carriers.


Q. VAT: Does the price include VAT?

A. VAT is zero rated on our transport and sightseeing services. Promotional, Film/TV etc VAT applies at the standard rate.


Q. Are we an agency?

A. No, we own and operate our own buses. Avoid booking with agents. Your booking details can get lost in translation. Also the quality of the buses and service cannot be guaranteed. Some agents don't even book with the operator until the last minute with an operator.